Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oblivious couple flaunts foul ball in front of enraged toddler

I saw the above clip posted to a friends wall on Facebook by someone I've met once or twice and to the best of my knowledge does not have kids. She also posted it with a comment of 'Very good. Teach children that whenever they cry they get what they want.' 

Now normally I'm completely with her on that comment, any sane grown up giving into a child's temper tantrum may work in the short term but in the long term its only going to create more problems than it solves. Perhaps the poster was trolling for comment or maybe she had not actually watched the video in full otherwise I think she would have commented differently. 

The video clearly shows, and the commentators do note this, that the child's dad reached to get the ball which landed right at his feet but the older gentleman on his right picked up the ball - practically out of the toddlers hands, and presented it like a trophy to his girlfriend who holds the ball and poses for photos. The players in the dug out toss a new ball up to the toddler - the whole thing is played out over the giant TV screens and everything. 

If the kid was a few rows away then fair play but they were right next to them. The dad and child were reaching for the ball then it was snatched away by the man. We teach our kids not to snatch right? 

So do you agree or do you think that the child should have been given the ball? I'm interested to see if my reasoning is biased as I am a parent or maybe not?

Oh yes and be sure to listen out for the commentators joke at the end of the clip. Classic ;)

Angie x

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