Friday, 4 May 2012

MUMS FASHION: Boutique Babylon, Wilmslow

It's happened to all of us at some point hasn't it? You've been invited to an event but your 'go to' LBD is looking a bit disheveled since its last outing and you need a dress or top that is stylish but doesn't break the bank. You could try M&S or the local Dorothy Perkins for a quick fix but really? Who wants to turn up at an event where at least one other lady will be wearing the same outfit? Not me that's for sure!

This is why I am so glad that Boutique Babylon opened its fabulous fashion boutique on Bank Square, Wilmslow in November last year.

Store owner, Jason Lyons who is a Wilmslow resident with 20+ years experience in the fashion retail industry told me "We know at Boutique Babylon that not everyone has an endless budget for fashion which is why we have a fabulous range of clothing for you to choose from." He certainly wasn't kidding - the choice is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage style pieces that range from Top Shop prices to designer buys to lust for.

Jason also stocks UK based designers such as Pussycat and Jasime London. Its great to see young British design talent available at such affordable prices.

The staff are attentive and knowledgeable about the current seasons key pieces without being pushy or rude. The customer service here is a very high standard which is so hard to find.

My own wardrobe is quickly filling up with key fashion pieces from Boutique Babylon, problem is I can never decide which outfit to wear when I want to go out!

Here are my latest acquisitions from the shop:
Yumi Aztec dress £49
Stars & Strips USA Shiffon Tee £25.00
Next time you're in Wilmslow call into Boutique Babylon and be tempted by their beautiful and stylish ladieswear range.

Enjoy, Angie x


  1. Love the post Angie... right up to the point where it says about wearing the same outfit... works well unless your mates all shop at the same place and like all the same styles. ha ha.

  2. LOL this is so very true! Always having to double check what is going to be worn...have seen Sharon's latest purchases - very nearly went for the same grey dress when I got the navy Aztec one last week!

    Great minds think alike I always say!

  3. ha ha. @BoutiqueBabylon was saying to @shababysha you do know thats the same one @Angtomo bought the other day... (stripy knitted zig zag thingie)

  4. @boutiquebabylon says that to me when I go in too hahaha Very good memory!

  5. I love what you bought, I'm sure they will look fabulous on.

    1. Thanks! I just love this tiny shop and they're launching a fab new ecommerce website in the next couple of weeks :) get saving your pennies ;)


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