Wednesday, 2 May 2012

FUSSY FOOD: Honey and Lemon Thyme Roast Chicken & Triple Choc Cherry Brownies

Rowse Honey are saying thank you to bees by planting thousands of 'bee friendly' plants. 

If you follow them on Facebook you can submit your own thank you note for the bees. Then the lovely people at Rowse will transfer the note onto a plant marker, plant it in a field with all the other thank you noted plants and send you a photo of your plant on facebook. Heres my plant.

I chose my favourite Victor Hugo quote for my thank you. The plant marker reads 'Thanks #BusyBees for life if the flower for which love is the honey ~ Victor Hugo. Love Angie x'

So with a jar of Rowse Honey in the cupboard and a roast chicken in the fridge I decided to have a look at their recipes to find some inspiration for Sunday lunch.

Wow lots of lovely recipes and I finally settled on this one for Honey and Lemon Thyme Roast Chicken

I was quite pleased with what turned out to be a very quick easy roast chicken recipe. It would be delicious cooked over chicken breasts for a midweek tea or as a marinade in the summer for BBQs. This is how it turned out. I was surprised how out of this world the chicken tasted given that the recipe and preparation takes all of 10 minutes!

For pudding I made the girls their favourite triple choc cherry brownies - sorry the recipe I can't part with all I will say its from a website but I'm not telling which one. Yes, it's very selfish but I've never tasted a better brownie and it even gets a 'just like mom bakes' thumbs up from my Californian boss! 

The only thing I will tell you is the pan is a proper double walled brownie pan from Lakeland (where else?).

Enjoy, Angie x


  1. I want some of that chicken, in fact I want that plate....just more of it!!!!! xxx

  2. Leila the chicken turned out so succulent and sweet, next time I'm going to leave it to marinate properly overnight before cooking! Delicious :)


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