Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Smiths Not To Reform :'(

I don't know about you but a few weeks ago I got all excited that there might be a chance, albeit slim to none, that The Smiths would reform. Their only caveat in March at the NME Awards being that Johnny Marr would reform the Smiths if David Cameron's coalition government steps down. 

Fast forward to today, when I logged onto my Facebook account after work and saw this:  
Source: Johnny Marr's official Facebook account
Urgh. Got my hopes up and everything! So very disappointed :'(

If this is the first time you've heard that the rumours have been denied then I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but for all my fellow Smiths fans out there heres a clip off of the wonderful Youtube to enjoy while you're crying for your loss...

Enjoy, Angie x


  1. Ah now I am a mahoooosive Smiths fan too :D *shakes hand*
    But I am sort of happy they aren't reforming - they were so amazing before that I think their allure of what was is perfect as it is.
    Wouldn't mind a snog with Mozza though!

    1. hmmm, sadly I was very much in the 'slightly too young to see them first time around but would love them to reform just to see then live once' camp.

      It would've be great if they had reformed but to be honest, in hindsight the comment Johnny made at the NME awards was more of a typically Mancunian sarcasm loaded joke than anything...still, would have been nice! ho hum :'(

      (I'll not fight you for Mozza though, you can definitely keep him!)


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