Monday, 23 April 2012

Saint Georges Day

Saint George

As it is St Georges day today I thought the kids would probably not hear about it in school but we would do something to fill in that gap when I'm making the tea and the girls are making mischief.

So I went to my old friend Google and asked for colouring in sheets to print off so the littlest kidlets could colour them in while I made their dinner. 

Google sent me first to the ever amazing Activity Village website which, if I'm honest, I was surprised at because I had always thought they were an American website but wherever its based they had a whole host of St Georges day pictures to colour in and plenty more in the Medieval theme on offer. I was spoilt for choice! Here's the link for St Georges Day colouring in pictures on Activity Village.

DD5 chooses one of each page I printed so predictably DD3 also chooses one of everything I've printed out too. 

As DD5 coloured in the picture of St George we talked about how just like Jesus, Saints are always pictured with a yellow halo around their heads. DD5 remembered the Nativity story book had a gold halo around Baby Jesus head and wanted to use gold but the gold crayon looked silly so she stuck to to yellow. 

We talked about castles and wouldn't it be nice to live in one.

We talked about the England flag being different to the United Kingdom flag because its just the red cross instead of the combination of England's St Georges cross and Scotland's blue cross. Not sure if DD5 got it though!

DD3 had already made a flag at nursery school but the others did not cover St Georges day at all. It's a shame because the schools made a fuss on St Patricks day. If anyone wonders where our sense of pride for our country has gone I think well no wonder if its not even celebrated in our English schools!

I'm interested to see how widespread this is. There's tonnes of crafty ideas, colouring in sheets and materials for parents and teachers to use and get kids involved with the day so really there's no excuse on the grounds of having lack of materials or ideas to use.

Have your kidlets been talking about or crafting about St Georges day today? Did their school or nursery talk about it or was it something left for parents at home?

Leave me a comment - I'd love to hear what your kidlets got up to today. 

Angie x

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