Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Night Before The Afternoon After

So the kidlets are at their dad's house tonight and have been since Wednesday. This has given me enough time to do lots of important things to get ready for their homecoming on Monday after school.

So when they go to their dads for the weekend their bedrooms get a through top to bottom clean. The beds are stripped and laundered, floors vacuumed and everything dusted. 

So I'm about half way through and thinking about all the other things we do...

For DD5's room, she likes to have her bed all tucked around the mattress and she simply must have her favourite toys lined up in just the right order. DD3 isn't as fussy as long as her blankie is on her bed cleaned and ready for her. It's basically a 20cm square piece of fleece that came off an Upsy Daisy toy. The fleece is all that remains and is what she only played with when we bought the toy. 

Most expensive comforter ever. 
The eldest 2 girls DD10 and DD8 are easier to please as long as a, I don't use their perfume (who wants to smell like Selena Gomez anyway?!) b, read their diaries (apparently there's swearing in DD10's) and c, well, make sure their beds have clean sheets! 

All last week DD10 was telling me about Pirate themed homework and she's chosen to research Anne Bonney. I was looking for DVDs to watch on Thursday night in Tesco and saw they had in a pirate cartoon all about the legendary, fearless pirate queen. She will be thrilled to bits with that I'm sure. 

Also I need to find where DD10 & DD8 have hidden their stash of paint swatches to redecorate their bedroom that they share here. After 3 1/2 years of renting a house then moving in with my folks it does mean that the girls are finally able to decorate their bedrooms just the way they want them. They are all kinds of excited to be able to decorate particularly as Grandma said they can paint without her help - like that's ever going to happen!

So we do all these little unsung things all the time for our kids but if we didn't do them I'm sure they would let us know the score.

Well, its about time to get back to putting those duvet covers on their beds so adieu to you and you and you :)

Angie x

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